26th Jan 2016 - Chamberlayne Rd UPDATE


Tuesday 26th January 2016 - Chamberlayne Road Works UPDATE
Following a site meeting today with both Thames Water and colleagues from Westminster I would like to update you with the following:

  • It has been noted that throughout the period that Chamberlayne Road has closed between Kilburn Lane and Banister Road there has been a day by day increase on vehicles using the narrow section of Kilburn Lane between Chamberlayne Road and Banister Road junctions. The width of the carriageway in the narrow section of Kilburn Lane is not suitable for the types / volume of vehicles which are using this stretch of road so it has been decided that two way traffic lights will be installed today, before the evening rush hour,  to allow for single file traffic only in this stretch of road.
  • Thames Water are making good progress within the road closure area and are hopeful that the closure will be able to be removed early next week, the next phase of work will require the closure of Banister Road at the junction of Chamberlayne Road, traffic on Chamberlayne Road will be controlled using two way temporary signals.
  • At the same time as the closure of Banister Road, a second site will come into operation on Chamberlayne Road and will require the closures of Hardinge Road, Leighton Gardens and Okehampton Road at the junction of  Chamberlayne Road to allow traffic to be controlled using two way temporary signals through this section of works.
Paul McDonagh
Network Engineer
Transportation Service
Brent Council