Mid January update

After our extremely successful January meeting, we have a lot of local issues which we are moving forward.
Paul Lorber, the leader of Brent Council, contacted us the following day, along with councillors Will Motley & Emily Tancred, to discuss moving the issues which were raised at the meeting forward.

The Graffiti has been a huge local issue, and there is a meeting next week to audit & remove everything within the triangle ASAP.

Local Notice boards for the local area is another issue we are hoping to get organized asap. this will enable us to reach more local people, and those who are not on email.

Carnival 08 Harrow Road congestion & lack of toilet facilities needs urgent attention.

Section 106 Money There is a lot of money from the various developments that are going on, and it is intended for local projects to enhance the area. This money is agreed as part of each developments planning application.

Crossing at Ladbroke Grove & Harrow Road/Kilburn Lane This has been on the agenda for a while as there is currently no safe way for pedestrians to cross at this junction. It is made more difficult by it being the border of 3 boroughs, Brent, K&C and Westminster.

Wakeman Road/Harrow Road Junction Dave Halbery is updating his proposal to get this junction narrowed, to slow the cars which enter at very high speed from Harrow Road. There are also a number of large oversized vehicles using this road who should not be, as the roads are simply not big enough for articulated lorries to use as through route, unless they have a specific reason for being here.

20mph Zone This is the second part of Dave's presentation. We are one of the few local residential area's that do not have a 20mph zone and we are trying to make this happen.