Met. Police "Focus Day" in Kensal Triangle

Police hold a “Focus Day” in the Kensal Triangle On Thursday 6th March, all the officers from the police Safer Neighbourhoods Team will be on duty solely within the triangle area. There will be coverage from 11am through until 10pm.
The team will be undertaking a range of activities throughout the day in addition to their general patrols of the area.

Street briefings

At 2pm and 6pm, Sergeant Pilkington will be holding street briefings by the police CCtv van, which will be parked in Wakeman Road near to the junction with Rainham Road. The briefings provide an opportunity to for you to meet the members of the Safer Neighbourhood Team, hear about the work undertaken by them and for you to express any concerns you have


If you would like to know more, or perhaps make a suggestion, then contact the team by dropping them an e-mail to or phone 0208 721 2960, or text 07920 233 761, or write to Kilburn Police Station, 38 Salusbury Road, NW6 6LT