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Brent are considering the placement of new CCTV within brent - feedback Welcomed
This is from Sgt. Pilckington at the Queens Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team.

Brent council are asking police to identify potential new sites for CCtv cameras. After some due consideration from my team, we feel it would be beneficial to have some in Kilburn Lane, where it meets Chamberlayne and Buller Road.
This location would appear to provide coverage of two apsects of Kilburn Lane, Chamberlayne Road, Buller Road including the alleyway into Compton and Ilbert Street (Westminster borough.)
I feel the CCtv would go some way to further reducing crimes in these roads, providing reassurance and also in the event of a crime occurring, providing evidence. All this would lead, I hope, to a reduction of the fear of crime.
It was raised at the meeting on Tuesday that there is more pedestrian traffic in Kilburn Lane now since the extension to the congestion charge zone and this must be good news for the businesses in Kilburn Lane and Chamberlayne Road. CCtv would provide added security and maybe increased prosperity to the local businesses.
I am compiling a business case and part of my report will include some early consultation with locals. I intend for my officers to call on businesses and residents in the immediate area to get some initial thoughts on the idea.
Feedback from Residents is also welcomed.

Mick Pilkington
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Police Sergeant 47QK Queens Park Safer Neighbourhood team, Kilburn Police Station, 38, Salusbury Road, NW6 6LT
Tel. (office)   0208 721 2960