Ladbroke Grove Junction

As anyone who uses this junction knows it badly needs a pedestrian crossing.

You can help us by emailing us anything you think may help. Please read on to find out more
Pedestrian Crossing at Ladbroke Grove/Kilburn Lane/Harrow Road
As anyone who has used any of these roads will know, this is an extremely busy and potentially dangerous junction. In the rush hour, traffic is heavy traveling east into central London, and there are often long tailbacks with traffic attempting to continue east along the Harrow Road held up behind cars turning right at the junction into Ladbroke Grove.
At no point is there a safe time for pedestrians to cross any arm of this junction. Even when traffic is stationary on one side of the road, cars turning left or right from the other arms turn into their new lanes, often at considerable speed. It is not unusual to see groups of children from the surrounding schools marooned on the traffic islands in the middle of the road, as traffic sweeps past them on either side. The same difficulty applies to all pedestrians, especially those who cannot move very fast. If there is traffic attempting to turn form the Harrow Road into either Ladbroke Grove or Kilburn Lane, it can seriously block sight lines for pedestrians at the kerb. The nearest zebra crossings or pedestrian controlled lights are at least 100m away in any direction, often much more, especially to the western side of Harrow Road which does not have another pedestrian crossing until you reach the junction of College Road.

This is where you can help
Westminster Council, who are responsible for the junction, are at present conducting a survey of the traffic, and will be reporting on their findings to TfL. We want to encourage them to make the strongest possible case for installing some sort of pedestrian phase in the lighting at this junction. Have you had or witnessed an accident at this junction? Have you had or seen any ‘near misses’? do you know anyone who has difficulties crossing at this junction? You can help by emailing your thoughts to us at: If you would like to be kept informed of progress, or would like to get involved in the campaign, please let us know: we will not pass your details on to anyone else.

We will be updating this section regularly with any news and progress. Watch this space!