Cemetery Wall Update

Cemetery Wall Update
2nd Phase of Works Feb 2016 onwards

We have just received the following information from the Cemetery (Feb 6th 2016)
The General Cemetery Company are pleased to advise that we have now completed phase 2A of the rebuilding of the wall.
Phase 1 involved the construction of new foundations to 10 bays of the wall and Phase 2A is the rebuilding of 5 bays of the wall to their original design off the new foundations.
The rebuilding has been done using bricks and stone dressings salvaged from the collapsed and taken down sections of the wall.

We are looking at how we can fund Phase 2B which will see the next 5 bays rebuilt off the remaining section of new foundations. Obviously this is an expensive process given the quality of the wall. We will update all once we have a planned start date for this phase.

Tony Barnard
Director General Cemetery Company

Kensal Wall 2015_SML_0995_WMK